Meet Dr. Josh Weyer

 Dr. Weyer is a 2012 graduate of Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis graduating Magna Cum Laude in Kinesiology, the study of movement. He then transitioned to the University of Indiana Doctor of Physical Therapy program graduating in 2015. He developed a special interest in outpatient orthopedics where he could utilize his interest in exercise and helping people move.

Working in the field of physical therapy over the last 3 years, Josh has grown significantly as a clinician. He understands what it is like to be injured and not be able to participate in activities from a physical, emotional, and psychological perspective as he has been through a multitude of injuries requiring short and long term rehabilitation. Returning to sport as soon as possible while reducing risk for future injury is his passion. He is an avid runner, hiker, and cyclist and a fan of all Indianapolis sports.

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